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towing company Roanoke VARoanoke Tow Truck is the only place that brings you trusted towing service and roadside assistance 24 hours a day. We are proud to call Roanoke Virginia our home, and happy to bring the great drivers in our community emergency towing service and roadside assistance they can count on. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen it all which is why you can feel at ease knowing Roanoke Tow Truck has your back in your time of need. Our towing services have been lauded as world-class as we offer a wide variety of different types of towing. This allows you the power to choose what service best fits your needs. Towing service options include light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, motorcycle towing, specialized towing, and long-distance towing service. Despite your vehicle or scenario, Roanoke Tow Truck has the help you are seeking. tow truck in RoanokeBesides towing service, we also offer around-the-clock roadside assistance. Roadside assistance at Roanoke Tow Truck is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of our most popular roadside assistance choices are jump start service, tire change assistance, lockout service, and fuel delivery service. You will be happy to know that Roanoke Tow Truck maintains competitive rates for both towing service and roadside assistance, with no upcharges for service calls outside normal business hours. We also promote secure and seamless payment options, letting our customers pay with any major credit card. Next time you are in a situation where you need towing service or any roadside assistance, make Roanoke Tow Truck your first and only phone call!


Towing Services


towing company RoanokeTowing service at Roanoke Tow Truck is the best in the greater Roanoke Virginia area. We provide top-notch towing service 24 hours a day, which is perfect for drivers in emergency situations. We offer customers light-duty towing and medium-duty towing which is ideal for standard-sized passenger vehicles. Our drivers are skilled at loading and unloading customer vehicles in addition to maintaining a clean driving record. Prior to any towing transport, we employ a 100 point pre-trip inspection that ensures all tie-downs are taught and your vehicle is properly secured. At Roanoke Tow Truck we make towing of any kind, a stress-free experience.


Heavy-Duty Towing Service

towing service Roanoke VirginiaHeavy-duty vehicles need extra attention and proper equipment when it comes to towing. Not all towing services have what it takes to properly tow heavy-duty vehicles. Luckily Roanoke Tow Truck is the company you can rely on for any heavy-duty towing need. We have large flatbed tow trucks and loads of experience maneuvering oversized vehicles. If you own a full-sized pickup truck or SUV, leave it up to the experts at Roanoke Tow Truck when you need towing service.


Specialized Towing Service

Specialized towing service is a unique and versatile towing solution. Specialized towing is tailored to the unique needs of your vehicle and the entire towing experience is personalized. Specialized towing is perfect for classic cars, luxury vehicles, or sports cars. Our tow truck drivers go above and beyond to provide a premium transport service that ensures your vehicle is treated with the careful respect it deserves. In addition, customers can call on our specialized towing service to transport anything that will fit within the spatial parameters of our flatbeds. For more information on a personalized quote, contact our helpful team today, because there is nothing Roanoke Tow Truck can’t accomplish.

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Roadside Assistance


Roanoke Tow Truck’s roadside assistance is versatile and can be used for a variety of situations. We view roadside assistance as an opportunity to further help our community beyond typical towing service. Our roadside assistance experts are deft at resolving issues that can save you time and money at a mechanic. We provide assistance options such as tire change service, lockout service, jump start service, fuel delivery service, and a lot more. If you need help Roanoke Tow Truck is here for you and has the roadside assistance you need.roadside assistance Roanoke Virginia


Tire Change Assistance

A flat tire is bound to happen, and for most, it never comes at a good time. That is exactly why Roanoke Tow Truck provides professional tire change assistance. Not only do we change your tire for you, but we get it done fast. Our roadside assistance experts use a proven tire changing method to properly and quickly take off your old tire and fasten on your spare. Don’t worry about fiddling around with small jack stands and manual tire irons. Just give the friendly folks at Roanoke Tow Truck a call and we will be there in no time.

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Jump Start Service

A dead car battery is not a welcome surprise when you turn your key in the ignition. With Roanoke Tow Truck you don’t need to stress it. We have all the right equipment to get your car started with ease and send you on your way down the road. Our quick response times and affordable assistance pricing make us the number one choice when you need a jump start.


Lockout Service

towing service RoanokeLocking your keys in the car is embarrassing and frustrating, but with Roanoke Tow Truck’s lockout service the whole ordeal is over in a jiffy. Our service trucks are fast and will be on location 50% faster than any local locksmith. We are also more affordable than other options and leave your vehicle blemish-free. All of our trucks use door jam airbags that make it easy to reach in and flip the door lock. If you are stuck with your keys locked in the car, Roanoke Tow Truck is your best bet.


Fuel Delivery Service

Running out of gas is usually a huge headache, but with Roanoke Tow Truck’s fuel delivery service it no longer has to be. We will arrive on location with the fuel your vehicle requires. Our trucks stock up to 10 gallons and do not charge a premium on the amount of fuel purchased. You can gas up now and worry about getting to a fuel pump later. Call us anytime you need fuel delivery service.

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